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PC Digital Distribution
Put your game on GameStop PC Downloads and reach millions of users around the world. GameStop PC Downloads is a digital distribution platform that enables your users to associate your program with their account and easily access the latest/greatest version of it. Increase your sales, reduce your support costs and take advantage of the features of the fastest growing digital distribution platform on the PC.

GameStop PC Downloads allows developers to:
  1. Distribute their software to millions of users with very little effort
  2. Receive 70% of the gross revenue on each sale

If you have a game, application or utility that you would like to distribute to millions of users, contact us. Whether your program is freeware, shareware, or commercial, GameStop PC Downloads allows your customers to associate your program to their account.

Each month, you will be sent an update showing your sales for that period. The base royalty percentage is 70%.

GameStop PC Downloads provides these key advantages for developers:
Real-Time sales data You can track your sales in real-time and track them by region.
Per region sales You can set availability and price on a per region basis.
Multi-language support If your program supports multiple languages, GameStop PC Downloads allows users to set their primary language upon installation.
Legacy support Want any of your users to be able to use GameStop PC Downloads to update their software no matter where they purchased? Developers can supply valid serial numbers and we’ll support all your customers as if they were our own.
Free bandwidth Your royalty is based on the price of the game. No hidden fees. If your program is $49.95 your royalty is 70% of $49.95.
GameStop::Reactor GameStop::Reactor is a server based digital platform. That means you can make use of its features without re-distributing a third-party client.
GameStop::Reactor v1.0
Take advantage of GameStop::Reactor, the next-generation virtual platform for PC software developers. GameStop::Reactor is unique in that all its features are server-based. That means developers can use its features without having to distribute a third-party client.

The components of GameStop::Reactor are:
  • Anti-Piracy Protection. GameStop::Reactor’s Game Object Obfuscation (Goo) lets developers encrypt their program EXE to reduce piracy. Unlike other systems, Goo requires no changes to your source code. Instead, we apply Goo to your standard EXE. When the protected program is run for the first time, the user enters their email address and serial #. From then on, that serial # is associated with that user.
    Fredrik Wester, CEO at Paradox Interactive: "In our testing, we found GOO to be very effective in protecting our titles, while at the same time offering a less obtrusive user experience. GOO meets our needs while protecting the rights of our consumers."
    GameStop::Reactor is intelligent in how it handles users. Users can reinstall their game or application to multiple computers without hassle. But GameStop::Reactor will flag installations that are occurring in multiple geographic locations at near the same time or other anomalous behaviors and allow publishers to set their own policies on how to handle such scenarios.

    Because GameStop::Reactor is server based, developers do not need to re-distribute any client. This means that you can protect your program with Goo and have it sold through any channel you use (retail or other digital distributors) since Goo, unlike alternatives, is vendor neutral.

    In addition, when a program uses Goo, the customers remain yours. The email addresses and used serial numbers are provided to you. As a result, it makes it easy to support your program through multiple digital distributors. Thus, if one digital distributor exits the market, your customers can still download and activate through another provider.
  • Multiplayer Matchmaking. GameStop::Reactor includes built in support for intelligent match-making. Based on the Elo rating algorithm ( a developer can literally just send a user off for multiplayer and get a user with a similar skill back. This works even if the players purchased their game from a third-party service (GameStop::Reactor is vendor neutral).
  • Rankings & Achievements. GameStop::Reactor has built in support for rankings and achievements. To ease support of implementation, GameStop::Reactor supports sending and receiving data in XML. This means developers can implement their achievements in a platform neutral way and support multiple achievement platforms at once.
  • Community Features. GameStop::Reactor includes the GameStop Overlay which provides a standardized way for users to find friends, chat online, check out rankings and more. However, developers can easily make use of these features as well since (to stress this: GameStop::Reactor is server based, not client based). This means a developer could, for instance, create their own IRC client within their game with only a few lines of code or integrate friends, groups, invites, etc. into their game natively without having to re-distribute a third-party client. Even the overlay features are skinnable to match your game's look and feel.
The objective of GameStop is to let developers focus on what they do best – make great software. GameStop takes care of the rest. To that end, we have developed a series of tools to make it easier for developers to add value to their software and get the most out of GameStop.
GameSTop::Reactor SDK [Beta] The SDK includes a generic application that demonstrates Goo, the GameStop overlay, and a set of other utilities designed to let developers get up and running.
GameStop Builder [Beta] This application automates the process of getting up on GameStop. The GameStop Builder is one-part install maker, one part publishing utility. It takes care of everything the developer needs to release their program to the world on GameStop.
GameStop Developer Portal [Beta] This web site allows developers to manage their applications. The GameStop Developer Portal includes:
News View news and announcements regarding the developer tools.
Reports Real time reporting of sales and statistical data.
Serial Number Creation Upload/Generate serial numbers (use your own serial numbers or have GameStop generate them for you).
Serial Number Management Activate and deactivate serials.
Customer Support View customer activations, enable/disable activations, reset activation counts, and provide new serial numbers.
Account Management Grant access to other GameStop accounts to support users, view reports and more.
Issue Escalation Ask for the GameStop team’s help in solving customer problems.
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